Proportional Representation

31 January 2019

The issue of Proportional Representation is very important. I do fully support our tried and tested system of First Past the Post (FPTP), this system ensures stability and clear governance, preventing disproportionate influence by minority parties with minimal public support, who typically end up holding the balance of power in PR systems.

Moreover, the British people were clear on this matter in 2011. While the Early Day Motion suggests that the referendum is not relevant, it is clear that the verdict was not only against the Alternative Vote system, but in favour of FPTP. Indeed, the system is clearly well established and understood by voters, and also provides a very clear link between constituents and their representatives in Parliament.

More often than not, FPTP results in a Government with a working majority in Parliament, making decisive government possible. It allows the formation of a clear opposition that can provide an alternative to, and a check on, the Government of the day. Therefore, the Government currently has no plans to change the voting system for elections to the House of Commons.