Claire's Column: 4th December

As the year draws to a close I find myself reflecting on changes locally and nationally.  One big development is the reinforcement of Wiltshire's position as the garrison county of Britain with Army changes that will see more activity, more investment and more service personnel living and working locally. 

Claire Perry Supports Small Business Saturday

Claire Perry MP is supporting Small Business Saturday on Saturday 7th December.  This is a grassroots campaign that encourages people to shop in local, small, independent businesses and use local services instead of national brands.

Claire's Column: 27th November

This week's column is all about mathematics.  If you are like me, that word will make your pulse elevate slightly, not in excitement but because for years I felt I couldn't "do" maths.  Despite the best efforts of the teachers at Grove County Junior School in Somerset I struggled with long division, wrestled with fractions and gave up all together on algebra and it was only through painful effort during my Masters degree course in America that I finally overcame my demons and became confident with numeracy – although I always have a calculator in my handbag, just in case.