Press Release: Claire Perry Encourages Local Businesses To Sign Up To ‘Refill’

Claire is launching a campaign to encourage local places to sign up to the Refill scheme, which connects thirsty people with local cafés, shops and offices willing to offer free tap water refills.  An estimated 800 plastic bottles a minute are going into landfill or becoming litter, which will too often end up in our oceans, harming marine wildlife.  The aim of ‘Refill’ is to make it easier to fill up a reusable water bottle on the go, in order to cut down on the number of plastic bottles used and save people money. You can register using the ‘Refill’ app and by placing a sticker in your window so that people know you are a ‘Refill’ site.

Commenting on the news, Claire said:

“Disposable plastic bottles are damaging our environment and wildlife, which is why I am supporting ‘Refill’ which encourages and makes it easier for people to cut down on their plastic waste.  The Government is introducing lots of new policies to help combat plastic waste, but this is a voluntary scheme which I would love to see people and businesses getting involved in, and I am aiming to have 100 local places signed up by Easter.”

Notes to Editors

  • Research conducted by BRITA UK and Keep Britain Tidy earlier this year revealed that 59% of us would be more likely to use a reusable water bottle if refills were more freely available in places such as shops, airports and parks.


  • Britons use 7.7bn single-use plastic bottles every year despite the fact that these are expensive to produce, use up valuable natural resources to make and transport, and create mountains of waste.


  • Refill is a national, practical tap water campaign that aims to make refilling your bottle as easy, convenient and cheap as possible by introducing refill points on every street.