Cutting Carbon Emissions

Despite all the good news on falling emissions, there is of course much more progress which needs to be made, and people often ask what they can do to help. So, I thought it might be helpful if I set three things which I like to do to reduce my personal carbon footprint:

  1. The first is to go around and work out which energy appliances are using energy and can be switched off. I’ve got a smart meter which helps that process, but you can also go the Energy Trust Savings website ( and they can show you which are the really hungry appliances which you can turn off.
  2. Secondly, as the weather continues getting better, why not think more about walking and cycling more? I try to use bike-share schemes or walk for short journeys – and of course it’s helping me to lose some of this Brexit weight we seem to be putting on at the moment!
  3. Finally, for Lent, I have been trying to give up food waste. Wasting food contributes to global warming because if we bury food in landfill, it creates methane, which is a really powerful, short-lived greenhouse gas. There’s a great website called Love Food Hate Waste ( which can give you some more tips on how to cut down on your food waste.