Gazette & Herald Column: Preparations under way to welcome forces families

This week BBC Wiltshire broadcast a special programme from Paderborn in Germany focusing on the Armed Forces families who will be returning to the UK in the next few years, and I spoke to the great Ben Prater, who hosts the popular morning show, about all of the work that is going on.  The Minist

My Weekly Roundup

With Easter fast approaching, I am looking forward to spending some down time with the family after a very busy Parliamentary term. I hope that everyone has a peaceful Easter break, and hopefully this will also serve as a marker for the start of proper Spring weather with no more snow!

Gazette & Herald Column: Working hard behind the scenes to deliver Brexit

Behind the Brexit headlines are hundreds of people working hard every day preparing us for our departure from the EU.  None more so, of course, than in Department for Exiting the EU, where our negotiators and those representing the EU have been hard at work agreeing the terms of the Brexit implem

Chancellor optimistic on growth for the economy

This week saw the Chancellor deliver the first Spring Statement, a chance to update the House and country on the latest Office for Budget Responsibility economic growth forecasts.  In a break with tradition, there was no ‘mini-budget’, with no major policy or tax and spending announcements.  Inst

Newbury Electrification

This week (Monday 12th – Thursday 15th) is the first of the line closures affecting rail passengers at Bedwyn and Pewsey as Network Rail and Great Western Railway undertake improvements to the rail infrastructure to enable electrification of the line to Newbury.

Gazette & Herald Column: Farmers need to be on best possible footing for future

Thank you!  I know that many local people want to say a huge and heartfelt thank you to everyone who helped deliver essential medical and care services last weekend, and to the Police, Wiltshire Council, Army and to local farmers who helped to clear the roads and rescue stranded motorists.  There