Gazette & Herald Column: Community transport is not affected by changes

Last week was a busy one politically with Local Elections across the country.  Whilst we didn’t have votes in the Wiltshire Council area in this round of the electoral cycle, I was called on to do the late night media rounds as the results were coming in.  I was very pleased that all the hard wor

Gazette & Herald: Reading rates and school standards rising in country

Many new school buildings are being built across the South Wiltshire area to provide spaces for families moving here as part of the Army Rebasing Programme.  However, Headteachers, including Susan Raeburn at Bulford Kiwi, made me aware some time ago that the traditional annual census that allocat

My Weekly Roundup

Last week London played host to the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) – an amazing get together attended by 53 Commonwealth nations.  The Prime Minister highlighted the importance of our shared history, and made a number of exciting announcements detailing plans for working with ou

Gazette & Herald: Looking to raise our game on climate change target

London is even more bustling with activity than usual this week – not just because of the fantastic weather, but because we are hosting the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting – an amazing get together attended by 53 nations.  The flags are flying, the streets are thronged with people from a

Gazette & Herald Column: Eight years of work on health centre has paid off

This week I have taken advantage of the Parliamentary Recess to travel to the US to meet former Mayor Michael Bloomberg and to speak at the Bloomberg Future of Energy Summit.  It was a packed schedule full of meetings with energy and climate change leaders and business representatives from around