Gazette & Herald Column: It's been a deeply serious and high stakes week

It’s been a deeply serious and high stakes week all round.  We have a key NATO Summit with major potential repercussions for the future of Western defence, as well as the first official visit from President Trump, where we have to balance building a strong trading relationship with the world’s bi

Gazette & Herald Column: Booking GP appointments by app will avoid queues

This week we are celebrating the 70th anniversary of our NHS by saying “Thank You” to the people who work so hard every day to deliver our health system (which is ranked No 1 in the world) and discussing how the unprecedented funding boost that the Conservatives are giving to our most precious na

Major Milestone towards new trains from Bedwyn and Pewsey

Earlier this week Great Western Railway ran the 17:07 departure from Paddington for Bedwyn and Pewsey as an Intercity Express Train (IET) - the first IET on our route.  These new bi-modal trains which run on electric ‘under the wires’ and then switch to diesel west of Newbury, will offer more sea

My Weekly Roundup

Over the last two weeks we have seen three days of extensive debate over Brexit legislation, with dozens of votes and detailed discussions as we work to deliver the EU Referendum result in the way that maximises the opportunities for UK from current and new economic relationships. 


Gazette & Herald Column: Don't worry, bee happy is an MP's new way to relax

Even the busiest MP has to slow down sometimes, and one of the most calming things I have ever done is to become a bee keeper.  The excitement of seeing the colonies survive the winter, the fascination of watching worker bees flying in with neatly packed pollen sacs for the baby bees, and the occ