Brexit Votes

At last week’s marathon Cabinet meeting, which went on for over seven hours, the Prime Minister and all those in attendance, myself included, made clear our utter conviction to deliver the Brexit deal which people voted for as soon as possible. It was clear around the table that most do not want no-deal and we don't want an extended delay beyond 22 May, as we do not want to have to field candidates at the European elections. It was also clear that in order to secure a deal which supports a majority in the House of Commons, compromises will be necessary. Therefore, the Prime Minister entered into what I am told are very constructive meetings with the Leader of the opposition. Both sides showed flexibility and a commitment to bring the current Brexit uncertainty to a close. I am told there was agreement on a forward programme of work to ensure we deliver for the British people, protecting jobs and security. The negotiating teams will reconvene this week, recognising the need for urgency ahead of the EU Summit on Wednesday.
What I want to do is back a sensible deal that delivers Brexit, so we can get this deal done and move through. Parliament is deadlocked, but if we can unite the two main parties, who both campaigned on manifestos committing to take us out of the EU and have a majority of MPs representing leave seats, then I believe we can get on with delivering Brexit in the way that is least damaging and delivers the most opportunity for our country going forward.