Gazette & Herald Column: Welcome boost of £5m for those returning to work

It was good news on the economic front this week with news that the unemployment rate has fallen again and is now at 4.7 per cent – the lowest level since 2005.  Since the Conservatives entered government, employment is up by over 2.7 million – that’s well over 1,000 more people in work on averag

Gazette & Herald column: Spreadsheet Phil steers a neutral course in budget

It’s Budget Day in the House of Commons as I type my column and those expecting rabbits out of the Chancellor’s hat today will have been disappointed.  That is not his style (although there were some very good jokes) as he is known to focus on the financial detail rather than the political flouri

Press Release: Back on Track: Bedwyn WILL Keep Direct London Trains after 2018

Great Western Railway announced today that a package of investment has been agreed with the Department for Transport that will see brand new hybrid trains, capable of running on diesel and electric power replacing the diesel turbo fleet serving Bedwyn travellers from 2018.  This investment means

Gazette & Herald Column: Health professionals come up with some good ideas

My number one local campaigning priority has been the improvement in our local health services and over the last week we have had more progress on the plans for the new Devizes Urgent Care Centre with a visit to the Constituency from Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt providing an opportunity for me, l