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I am honoured to have been elected as the Member of Parliament for the Devizes Constituency at the 2010 General Election and will do my utmost to repay your trust.  I hope that this site will give you a good idea of what I stand for and believe in.  I think it is very important that everyone involved in politics works to make their views and the democratic process as transparent and accessible as possible, so please do look around the site, let me have your feedback and contact me if you would like more information on anything. 

Voting has now closed.  Thousands of votes have been received for many wonderful Independent Shops in the towns and villages across the Devizes Constituency and these are now being counted.  The winners of each category will soon be announced so please check back here to see if your favourite Independent Shop has won. 

15 SEP 2014

Still time to vote for the best Independent Shop in the Devizes Constituency

Voting has been extended for the Shop Local Awards to find the best local independent shop in the Devizes Constituency. Click here to read more...

15 SEP 2014

Gazette and Herald Column 11th September

Next week, the people of Scotland will make a momentous decision about the future of the United Kingdom. While the time ticks on, Westminster is going into cross- party overdrive to sell the benefits of a No vote and the Saltire is flying from government buildings including Downing Street in a generous show of support for our Union. Click here to read more...

08 SEP 2014

Gazette and Herald Column 4th September

I get many opportunities to talk to passengers as I travel up and down the line to London or off on Ministerial visits and when we get on at Pewsey or Bedwyn we can usually manage to get a seat. Click here to read more...

26 AUG 2014

Gazette and Herald Column 21st August

We got home from our holidays with no Recall, although with the situation in Iraq worsening and the repugnant development of apparently British citizens engaged in horrific public acts like beheadings, there is a frantic level of government activity going on and we will stand by ready for any Recall ahead of the official return date for Parliament of September 1st. Click here to read more...

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Wiltshire Council

Major works on A350 Westbury (16/09/14)
An essential major road maintenance scheme will start on the A350 in Westbury later this month and motorists and residents are being warned to expect delays. Work starts on repairing and resurfacing the A350 from one end of the town to the other o...
Wiltshire's Public Health Annual Report (16/09/14)
Life expectancy for Wiltshire men has risen again as people live longer in the county compared to England in general. Last year the life expectancy for men in Wiltshire reached 80 years for the first time. This year it has increased to 80.4 and fo...
Big Walk success (16/09/14)
More than 45 people donned their walking shoes on 13 September 2014 to take part in the inaugural Big Walk to raise thousands of pounds for two charities. The Big Walk, organised by Cllr Jon Hubbard and staff at local Melksham stores Co-op and A...